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Archive of month: March 2017

Martial Arts for Juniors - South East Self Defence

Conflict management using bridging tools

We recently e explored “funny word blocks” to help students find a way to bridge conflict and bullying. This isn’t avoiding conflict but taking the opportunity to move past useless and un-resourceful conversations or comments without anger. Some things are just not worth getting involved in but in the middle of bullying or abuse we […]

How to say sorry

It became plain to me that what the survivors were asking for but didn’t feel like they were getting is exactly in the formula we use for an apology. They were asking for their emotions to be noticed, they were asking for an apology and they were asking for it to be fixed. And I […]

Saying yes to everything a child wants

Saying Yes to everything your child wants will not make them happy Are you a person that can’t say” no” to your child or are you one that always says “no”. In Jujitsu we teach to go with effort, to give way. But not to give in. I found saying no to the emotional professional […]
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