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Archive of month: June 2017


A lot of people come to our Martial Arts school to learn how to or work on building their confidence. Over the years some things have become very apparent to me and I would like to share them. Confidence is, according to the dictionary – Confidence definition, full trust; belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or […]


There is a saying that you will be the average of the 3 people you associate with in a given area. I can testify to the accuracy of this statement, in my life at least. It was only in my forties that I realised that my life had been kind of moulded by the people […]

AFFIRMATIONS – Wings for your goals.

When I ask people have they had people talk negatively to them, almost always they say yes. I then ask, have they had people Bully them with words and put downs and most will still say yes. I ask them what they think should happen to this person and they all think they should be […]
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