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Pre Martial Arts - Little Dragons

Designed for ages 4 - 7

Our little dragon programme is unique to us. It has been designed as a pre-martial arts programme. Little people love the idea of martial arts. They love to feel like their favourite cartoon characters learning all the cool things they do.

By having a programme written for them we are able to bring to them skills and knowledge that will serve them now as well as into the future. Little dragons are starting to learn about life and that they are not really the centre of it. They will be working on co-ordination, balance, listening skills, resilience, delayed gratification, muscle conditioning and self defence all designed to prepare them for school and outings.

Our Little Dragons get to do all the aspects of Jujitsu but without the stress of testing. We have found that testing at this age does not serve any benefit for a Little Dragon... they need to have fun.
– Sensei Allen Waddell
Most little dragons have a short attention span so their class needs more movement and energy. It also needs structure so they can get use to the requirements of school and beyond.

There is psychological evidence that when people have good feed back during activity they learn faster and are more likely to build strong memories.Double Click to Edit

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Why Little Dragons?

  • Pre-martial Arts
  • All aspects of Jujitsu
  • No testing... just great fun
  • Learn about life
  • New friendships
  • Movement & energy
  • After School & Saturday mornings
  • Govt accredited trainers
  • Warana & Bli Bli locations
    Since starting Martial arts training at South East Self Defence our child has grown in confidence. He has been chosen for student leadership and is more happy within himself. I thoroughly recommend what Sensei Allen and his team are teaching... and more importantly how they teach it.
    – C. Austin
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