G.R.O.W. your Goal
by Allan Waddell
May 10, 2017

Now we have a goal its time to GROW it. This 4 step process allows you to move on even the smallest of goals.

To GROW our goal we have to have a GOAL, Then we need to have a REALITY check, then notice our OPPORTUNITIES and lastly find a WAY FORWARD.

Lets look at it in a little more detail:


We’ve got our Goal, Mission, Objective and we have framed it in a positive way. Right now its time to convert this goal into some serious action.


To start and journey you need to know where you are first. Often I will ask the students which way do I go to a local landmark. Some will point in the direction, some will give you a heading and some won’t know where it is. Then I ask them how they know which way to go and most of them will say that they just know which way to go. Then I will ask where am I starting from and then they realise that the direction I travel will entirely be different depending on where I start. This is true for goals. In-fact wherever you are you need to have a starting point. In relationships, work environments, sporting – Everything – For a lot of people this is intuitive and when you are alone you can afford to wing it but if you are running a team, a business or a family then you really need to understand your starting point. WHERE ARE WE NOW? – REALLY

Humans a very good at backing themselves so they can put themselves down the road a little and that’s ok so long as the first bit of the journey doesn’t matter.

In relationships, teamwork, businesses it is very dangerous to assume that everyone understands the starting point. Especially if you are looking for cohesion.

The Reality Check phase should also alert you to some possible obstacles along the way.

[btx_quote author=”Allan Waddell”]Like a plane taking off you need to ready to commit to the task and apply massive action.[/btx_quote]


Your opportunities can come from lots of directions including the way you were bought up, your DNA, your Friends and Relationships, your Skills, Gifts and Talents. Timing, Information, Education, Physical Ability, Emotional Resilience and Social Connections. When people think of their opportunities they tend to cast away from themselves looking for an answer out of their circle. Some people won’t even list themselves as part of the opportunity even if it is their idea. They know themselves and do not yet understand the value they bring to situations. Your opportunities have to out way your obstacles 3 to 1 so make a great list.


Once you’ve done this it is time to take your first step. Finding the way forward is a matter of writing down the steps you think you will need to take to get you to your goals. Remember “cinch by the inch hard by the yard.” Make the first step ridiculously easy but like a plane taking off you need to be ready to commit to the task and apply massive action to create the momentum you will need to release yourself from your current reality.


So lets look at this acronym in practice. Lets choose something really simple like crossing the road.

Goal: to cross the road

Reality Check: I am on the other side of a 2 lane road that carries traffic.

Opportunities: No arthritis, feeling agile, there is a break in the traffic.

Way forward: look in both directions before I go.Walk swiftly across the road. Don’t stop until I get to the other side.


Now its your turn – if your ready.